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Peacemaker learning obectives

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According to the BetaPlayful Learning site, the goals of the Peacemaker game are

Though choosing one or the other directs a player to acknowledge the needs of both sides, players are able to focus primarily on the country of their choosing, learning their motives and needs in depth. Beyond managing pressing political issues, players are tasked with listening to the needs of their people, exploring different social, economic, and cultural concerns both unique and shared between the two countries. Choices made as a leader reflect immediately in the game space, as events in the world, either positive, neutral, or negative, appear following each choice. With many events, players are able to ‘watch the news,’ tying the simulatory nature of the game into the real life issues it represents.

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Internews Assesses Information Needs in Post-Haiyan Philippines | Internews

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One of the critical assessment that hs to be done quickly is communications structures.  Internews carries out this function in the case of humanitarian emergencies.

Internews’ Rapid Response Unit has deployed a Humanitarian Media team to the Philippines. The team is conducting a fast assessment of the media and communications environment to see what can be done to help restore capacity in the media sector and support information flows to people affected by the disaster.

And the news from the Phillipines is not good.

Reports from the Internews team on the ground, gathered from local networks, indicate that most local media infrastructure in the affected areas has been completely wiped out. Our contacts talk of mobile phones and broadcast equipment at radio stations being \”taken away by the sea.\” Early reports from UN colleagues tell us that at least four local journalists from major networks are dead, including one who drowned even as he was reporting from the second floor of a building in Tacloban.

To stay up to date with Internews staff and issues of information in this crisis, follow the twitter hashtag #commisaid.

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