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Internews Assesses Information Needs in Post-Haiyan Philippines | Internews

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One of the critical assessment that hs to be done quickly is communications structures.  Internews carries out this function in the case of humanitarian emergencies.

Internews’ Rapid Response Unit has deployed a Humanitarian Media team to the Philippines. The team is conducting a fast assessment of the media and communications environment to see what can be done to help restore capacity in the media sector and support information flows to people affected by the disaster.

And the news from the Phillipines is not good.

Reports from the Internews team on the ground, gathered from local networks, indicate that most local media infrastructure in the affected areas has been completely wiped out. Our contacts talk of mobile phones and broadcast equipment at radio stations being \”taken away by the sea.\” Early reports from UN colleagues tell us that at least four local journalists from major networks are dead, including one who drowned even as he was reporting from the second floor of a building in Tacloban.

To stay up to date with Internews staff and issues of information in this crisis, follow the twitter hashtag #commisaid.

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Re-thinking conflict early warning | Let them talk

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And yet, almost always, when you ask community-level peacebuilders what information would help them do their jobs better they say they would like to understand how people chose to enter into violence.  This is not just because understanding how choices are changing can help predict conflict, but also because this understanding is  a much better guide to action. It’s not just a warning, it’s also a recommendation for how to respond. The information needs of peacebuilders that manage national or local networks are somewhat different. In my experience, they are more interested in real-time data on what conflicts are unfolding, so they can either monitor the work of their network or react to emergency situations.

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Evaluating crowdsourcing for humanitarian response | jungle light speed

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All crisis response is an exercise in failure. We cannot help everyone that needs help and so we are simply trying to find the best ways to fall short. Hundreds of lives saved and tens of thousands receiving the first aid sounds large. To the people we helped it was everything, but in the scale of the whole crisis it was small. However, for a short time in Haiti the ability to respond to requests for help was much wider than at any point in Haiti’s past when even child-births reported through 4636 were being responded to. This level of response never occurred with the ’114′ emergency reporting service that became inoperable at the time of the earthquake, or at any other time in Haiti’s past. Hopefully, it will again in the future. Response systems are evaluated on the entire effort, not individual cases, but it is positive to think about those handful of mothers who reached out to 4636 for help and received a level of aid that would have been beyond their expectations even prior to the earthquake.

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Instantly share posts on Tumblr — Blog —

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With Publicize, you can make your home on the web and automatically share your content on five other social platforms. By publishing to, you maintain ownership of your content, which you can choose to export at any time.

To activate Publicize for Tumblr, head over to Settings → Sharing in your dashboard and click Connect to Tumblr. You can select from any of your Tumblr blogs once your account is connected.

After you have connected, your new posts will be shared on Tumblr and no other action is needed.

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The conundrum of digital humanitarianism: when the crowd does harm

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Masterful discussion of when the crowd forgets Mary Anderson–and what to do about it.

Diary of a Crisis Mapper

We saw this coming. It’s like when you start sniffing and coughing and you know the real flu is coming. And you know you cannot do anything about it, because even if you take a very strong aspirin, it is too late and you will get sick for at least a couple of days.

We saw this coming: the truth is that the consequences of Typhoon Yolanda are not only the one that we see on TV every day, but they are virtual, and the worst of those virtual consequences is coming.

The Digital Humanitarians (or the Volunteer Technical Communities, as you want to call them) came to be out of an amazing change in the world we live: the internet and mobile phones, with which now you can help, and talk, and share with anyone in the world. And you don’t need to have money or to be a…

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Why and How WordPress users should use Press This

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The easiest way to quote from the web and then comment on it is Press This.  It works on PCs and Macs.  As WordPress presses its case.

Press This provides a lightning-fast way to grab text, images, or video from any website and post it to your blog without ever visiting You can also use Press This to quickly share a link on your blog.

It only takes a second to get the Press This mini-application going. Simply go to Tools → Available Tools in your dashboard and find the link to the bookmarklet:

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Needless to say this is info on Press This I assembled using Press This.

Typhoon #Haiyan: Red Cross joins with Facebook to raise funds for the Philippines

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In thinking about the effects of social media, one should not overlook the obvious role of donations.  This alliance of Facebook and the Red Cross raises the quetion of whether there is a tendency for the largest agencies to get an even larger share of the available charitable resources.

The Red Cross will have prime real estate atop Facebook users’ news feeds through Friday in the United States. The organization is soliciting donations for Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines with the help of the social network. Facebook is donating the space for no charge. This is the largest scale fundraising effort the Red Cross has ever made on a social platform.

In this prime real estate sits the followin

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