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Twitter use.

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The class will be using Netvibes, an RSS reader to track blog posts and student suggested readings.  These are to be posted as Twitter feeds using the #gcs11 tag.  Find the course reader page here


Example using the insert more command to split up long posts

04/18/2011 1 comment

This is the area that everyone will see.

What follows will only be seen by those who click on the more button.

The separation is done by using the Insert More Tag (Alt-Shift-T)–which is the fourth icon to the right, immediately to the left of the spell (abc) command.

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Making Tools for Researchers

Applying Data Science at a Large Scale


nothing's more hypocritical than a thin-skinned journalist

Dart-Throwing Chimp

Thoughtful analysis or bloviation? Your call.

Gen Prev Net

connecting people - strengthening genocide prevention networks