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African Union: Address Justice and Accountability | Human Rights Watch

African Union: Address Justice and Accountability
Letter to AU Heads of State in Advance of Addis Ababa Summit
January 21, 2010

Your Excellency,

Human Rights Watch welcomes the initiative by the African Union to use its 14th summit (January 25 – February 2, 2010) as a forum to review, among other matters, the state of peace and security on the continent, and to debate related issues of good governance, justice, and human rights.

In August 2009, during their special session in Tripoli, the Heads of State declared 2010 the “Year of Peace and Security in Africa.” This momentous dedication represents African leaders’ stated commitment to redouble their efforts to seek sustainable solutions to ongoing armed conflicts in Africa.

As preparations for the 14th annual summit move forward, Human Rights Watch commends the African Union and its Peace and Security Council for action taken so far to address the humanitarian and human rights implications of those conflicts. At the same time, Human Rights Watch calls for renewed and stronger attention to several ongoing crises and issues such as civilian protection and impunity which, if not dealt with adequately, will continue to undermine Africa’s aspirations for peace and security

Serious accountability would change everything…

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